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Russian Moscow News Lapel Pin. Enamel.
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Russian Ukrainian book from articles of Jewish News newspaper Jews friendship
Other Countries
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Illustrated London News Folding Map Ottoman Empire Greece Russian Provinces
Antiquarian & Collectible
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2 Soviet Union Russian Pin Badge newspaper “Moscow News” Communist era
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1939 Russian Aircraft Bomb Dummy Railroad Station on Maneuvers 7x9 News Photo
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Vintage U.S. News & World Report April 8 1963 Magazine ( US ) Russian War Plans
Magazine Back Issues
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!!NEW!! S/N: 0153379 KMZ JUPITER-8 Russian Soviet Optical Part - Lens Block Only
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WW2 Russian Infantry at Camp Site 9x7 Original News Wirephoto?
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1943 Russian Women Firefighters Keep Watch Leningrad Russia Original News Photo
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Russian Service BBC News Advertising Booklet Journalist Old View Photo vtg
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Is there a Russian news web site which gives unbiased information without being filtered by censorship?

I read Russian and have been browsing Russian web sites, but it seems that all news and editorials are "suspiciously" patriotic and I know there is both government and self-censorship there. Now I am old enough to know that a completely anti-government site is not necessarily right so I look for the truth, not just pro-government or anti-government propaganda.

You will not find it. Russian disinformation is an art form practised by both pro and anti sides of the equation.

Why hasn't the News covered the Russian stock market crash ?

It seems kind of relevant to our situation !
People don't realize that it just happened ?
WE ARE our brothers keeper !

I did read an article that when the American banks fell that it triggered a sell off in the Russian market and the Russians halted all trading. Other overseas markets suffered too.

The U.S. media is centered on the U.S. and it's coming election, and it seems the media is trying to link McCain to the Bush administration and hurt his election chances.

All these markets will bounce back. We occasionally have these bumps and the market always recovers in time.

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