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RARE Order medal China Chinese Soviet-Chinese 003 stalin
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Russia stamps. Set of 5 stamps - Medals (Stalin), cancelled, hinged
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NewMedal Belarus Line of Stalin WWII Protective line USSR. fort . fortress
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NewMedal For the Defence of Stalingrad ww 2 USSR Russia russian Stalin war
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NewMedal Joseph Stalin CCCP Russia russian ww 2 award Bolshevik badges Soviet Union
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NewMedal For Capture of Budapest 13 FEBRUARY 1945 WW 2 CCCP USSR Stalin Russia
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Medal For Victory over Germany in Great Patriotic War 1941–45 Russia Stalin ww
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NewMedal For the Defence of Kiev 26 September 1941 WW II CCCP USSR Stalin Russia
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USSR Soviet Russian Red Army WWll STALIN VICTORY OVER GERMANY Pin Badge Medal
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Should Rachel Carson be stripped of her posthumous Presidential Medal of Freedom and other honors?

In the 1960's Rachel Carson wrote Silent Spring, which led to the worldwide ban on DDT. For this, she was posthumously given the Presidential Medal of Freedom and other honors, such as having public buildings named after her. However, improved research has shown that DDT is not a carcinogen as it was believed to have been in those days. Also, DDT is effective in much smaller amounts that was realized, so that it can be applied much more judiciously, without accumulating in birds' eggs.

Wikipedia gives the MINIMUM estimated number of deaths from malaria as approximately 1.5 million per year. The ban took effect in the 1970's and 80's, so use a late date, 1985 as the year DDT became fully banned.

1.5 million x (2006 - 1985) = a MINIMUM of 31.5 million worldwide human deaths due to the lack of DDT.

This is more deaths than caused by Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Hitler, Stalin, and ranks alongside those caused by Margaret Sanger, worldwide!
She is widely regarded as a hero of sorts to the environmental crowd. Yet she accomplished horrible thngs!

Should we allow Rachel Carson an "Oops, that's not what I meant"...?

What would we do if she were still alive...?

If we overlook this, do we have the moral right to condemn ANYBODY for ANYTHING, no matter how heinous, as long as they thought they were right...?

I'll have to research your information but if it proves correct we mihg t want to look at those honors.

 Kasachstan Trikot, Ukrainisch Belarus Schlepper, sowjetunion plakat, Lenin Werke- Russische 

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In the remote area of Semipalatinsk in East Kazakhstan, near the borders of China and Siberia, Stalin created the 'Polygon' - a vast, top-secret,

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Martin competed with the 1952 Helsinki and 1956 Melbourne Olympic teams, and was also a member of the 1954 European Championship team, winning a gold medal

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Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin--their portraits were still largely there. And Mao's, of course, conspicuously where you'd expect it to be--at the Great Hall of

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Bez tych książek nie sposób zrozumieć, czym w swym postępowaniu kierował się choćby Stalin, Dzierżyński czy Beria, czemu zawalił się Związek Radziecki.

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Geniusz sportu na wózku W 1986 roku miasteczko w rejonie Sudbury w Ontario, zwane Geographical Township of Stalin, zmieniło swoją nazwę na Township of Hansen.

Zakończyło się III Forum IPM
5 marca 1940 roku Stalin podpisał dokument, w którym skazał na śmierć polskich jeńców wojennych. Podczas wojny byli oni oficerami, a przed wojną stanowili

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